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Newborn Baby Photography 

Clarksville, Nashville, and Ft. Campbell


About Your Photographer

Hello! My name is Honey Livingston. I am a wife, mother, and professional photographer. I have loved photography for years, but after having my son, I became passionate about specializing in newborn through first year photography. 

I genuinely adore having the privilege of capturing the fleeting moment of your baby's newborn stage, documenting your baby's personality coming to life as they enter the sitter stage (6-8 months), and finally marking the milestone of their first birthday. It always amazes me how each and every baby is unique, and I strive to highlight what makes YOUR baby special. 

Your session with me is artistically customized to fit your tastes and preferences with access to my prop collection especially for newborns and babies. 

During your session, safety is my number one priority. I have completed safety and posing workshops, and constantly strive to create a safe, warm, and inviting environment in my studio for your baby. 

I can't wait to meet you and your baby and start planning your perfect session! 

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